Humans are amazing combinations of body, mind, and spirit. The interplay of mind-and-body, mind-and-spirit, body-and-spirit, works best when all are aligned and working together in wholeness and health.

But life happens, and well-being is often severely disrupted. Something is needed to restore well-being. There are a wide variety of practices or treatments available that can lead to this restoration. At Whole Soul Services the healing focus is on practices and treatments which are energetic or spiritual in nature. More specifically, Whole Soul Services uses well-known techniques of energy healing, including Pranic Healing, Reiki, and Shamanic healing.  These are briefly described on our Modalities page, with further information sources listed on our Resources page.

Clients come to Whole Soul Services with a variety of spiritual and emotional issues. The range includes:

  • Consequences of Abandonment, Physical or Emotional Abuse, Victimization
  • Low-Self-Esteem
  • Relationship Problems
  • Feeling Frozen or Blocked in Career or Life Path
  • Relationship Problem
  • Stress Reactions to life’s demands

Often clients come to Whole Soul Services after trying other solutions, or in combination with other solutions, such as psychotherapy, twelve-step-groups, support groups, fitness, nutrition, prayer or meditation. For testimonials, please see our Testimonials page.