Services Offered


Basic fee: $125 per session currently.
In case of hardship, financial arrangements can be discussed.
Currently, payments can be made with cash, check, or by PayPal.

Payment is expected prior to or at time of a session, unless prior arrangements have been made.

In-Person Sessions

Philip offers in-person healing sessions at his healing studio in Brooklyn, by appointment.

Sessions are for an hour. Clients receive treatments fully clothed, lying on a massage table, sitting, or standing, or a mix of these. Typical sessions involve some conversation and discussion, then the healing treatment, and some conversation and feedback at the end.

Payment is expected prior to a session.  

In-person sessions at other locations have additional cost, for time and travel.

Distance Sessions

Philip offers distance sessions, whereby he is in his healing studio, and the client is in a quiet safe space, typically at home. Philip prefers prior to starting any sessions to have met in-person at least once whenever possible. However, a meeting through FaceTime or Skype or similar media can suffice if necessary.

Normally, but not always for distance sessions, the client sends a handmade self-portrait. Distance sessions typically use an open phone (cell phone line) so that even when there is no talking, a sense of connectedness is maintained. If a distance session is based on a self-portrait, the phone use can be modified, such as a follow-up conversation afterward.

As with in-person sessions, payment for distance sessions is expected prior to or the day of a session, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Sessions for Minors

All sessions for minors are distance sessions. The parent or guardian makes arrangements with Philip. The minor participates in making a self-portrait and speaking over the phone as appropriate.

Shamanic Sessions with more than one healer

Depending on the client’s situation it is sometime recommended to have two or three shamanic healers (drawn from the White Mesa team) work together on a healing. If so, the client is always informed, and has the right to object.