Ten years ago I was suffering severely from PTSD. Philip Waldrop counseled me and did Reiki on me. His treatments which were in addition to medical and mental health professional treatments, helped to speed up the healing. I no longer suffer from PTSD.
— A.M.
A few years ago I injured my heart running. My doctor said it was mitral valve prolapse. I came to Philip Waldrop and he treated me by doing Reiki on my heart. The pain diminished right away, then was gone. I no longer suffer from any pain or discomfort from mitral valve prolapse.
— A.M.
At a time of great work-related and personal stress, causing severe headaches and other symptoms, I asked Philip Waldrop for a treatment. His incredibly kind and loving manner, and excellent listening skills provided great comfort. From the treatment he did, I felt relieved, relaxed, and my headache diminished considerably. I now wish I had had more sessions.
— P.B.
My experience in Philip Waldrop’s healing sessions has been deeply meaningful. His awareness, warmth and spiritual acumen serve to touch his clients in ways that awaken one’s own awareness and healing powers. A session with Philip helps clarify, enliven, and help in guiding on one’s path.
— L.R.