White Mesa Mission and Purpose

Note: Although White Mesa© has a Native American style, it is futuristic, and has a global and universal resonance and unity, which is inclusive of all nations, religions and spiritual lineages. The White Mesa Teachings© have resonance with prophecies of human religions, including: the return of Dawn Star in the Americas; the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman; the Second Coming of Christ; the coming of the future Buddha, Maitreya; the return of Moku Inka Cuna. Valorie Lordi has said this is really all our collective Higher Selves waiting to return in the Aquarian Age.

Per the channeled text below, it is the goal for humans to understand our true nature, to manifest beauty, harmony, peace, and to develop capacities in the unmanifest (spiritual) realm. It is for humans to become a “rainbow people and bridge” to inclusive unity. There are two more things: that the White Mesa Healer is to be like a bodhisattva, a being of service, holding the dream until it comes true; and the concluding greeting and reminder – that all creation, all beings, all humans are our relations .

As channeled from Dawn Star-White Feather:

White Mesa’s mission and purpose is

-To set in the ground of earth a vibrational seed of light for the future, to soften and germinate and grow upwards through the ground until the time comes to burst forth into the visible.

This vibrational seed of light is the understanding of our true nature as human beings-spiritual beings, capable of awareness-consciousness of both the visible (tonal) and invisible (nagual) reality as one.

The seed is the understanding that two-leggeds are to manifest beauty, harmony, peace, and the flowering of human development of our capacities in the unmanifest realm.

-To set in the ground – remember in our hearts – the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s message: That we are to be a rainbow people who will rebuild the rainbow bridge into a new time of inclusive unity – of heaven replanted into earth – to actually create a spiritual family, sisters and brothers of all peoples – tribes – hoops.

The true shaman White Mesa healer is the one who holds the golden dream of Creator in the heart until it comes true on mother earth.

Mitakuye Oyasen – All Our Relations – All are relatives